The Girls


We are proud to present our gorgeous little girl Cara this beautifully bred little darling has had a promising show career so far and has won several in group awards already we wish Cara continuing success for 2012.


We are proud to present "Flame" this gorgeous little girl is beautifully bred her Father being the highly successful Australian Grand Champion Leighander LordOfTheLoch and her Dam is Australian Champion Burdekin BlindDate the full litter Sister of Australian Champion Burdekin Bossy Boots (Winner of Best Exhibit In Show at the last Collie National).
Flame has been highly competitive in the show ring and has won many in group awards and has won several challenges and she won RUnner Up Best In Group from puppy class.. We wish Flame continuing success for 2012.



We are proud to present our gorgeous little girl Bronte. This superbly bred bitch has 3 Grand Champions in her first two generations of her pedigree. Bronte is a full litter sister To the highly successful Ch Burdekin BobTheBuilder "BoB" like her brother Bronte displays all the essentials of correct breed type.

NEW FLASH- NEW AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION- 24/7/2011- JUDGE- MRS L NORMAN ( VIC )-We are proud to present our gorgeous little girl Bronte. This superbly bred bitch has 3 Grand Champions in her first two generations of her pedigree. Bronte is a full litter sister To the highly successful Aust Grand Ch Burdekin BobTheBuilder "BoB" and "Mussy" Aust Ch Burdekin Boy O Boy, like her brothers Bronte displays all the essentials of correct breed type and is a consistent winner for our Kennels. We are sure Bronte will have a big part to play in the continuing success of Arranbrae Collies and we thank Glenda, Michelle & AJ of Burdekin Kennels for letting Bronte come to Arranbrae.


Presenting Candy or otherwise known around the show ring as Burdekin BlindDate, Candy is our personality girl she just loves everyone she meets she is a little ray of sunshine . Candy is extremely well bred her Father is the highly successful Ch Kazjs Sir Spence himself the winner of the 2008 Dogzonline Collie and his Mum is the beautiful Bridie Ch Burdekin Before Sunrise Bridie finished her Australian Championship in Western Australia and was proudly campaigned by Arranbrae Collies.
Candy has had a very good show career her highlights being winning the State's most prestigious Championship Shows the Western Classic last year. What made these wins more special was she was just a little baby only a little minor Candy took on the big guns and won Both Best of Breeds at these shows giving this little lady a flying start to her title 50 points in less tahn 1 hour of showing not a bad effort for a baby and she defeated her gorgeous Mother Bridie as she won reservce cc to her little Kid. Since then candy has had a very major coatdrop and Arranbrae are waiting for her to coat up again so she can compete in the show ring once again. Candy will be shown at this years Western Classic and we hope she does as well at this years show. Good luck Candy go get em girl!!!!! Candy did us proud at this years Western Classic show yet again Handled by her Breeder Michelle Candy thrilled us all by winning Challenge bitch at the first of the Western Classic shows and Reserve challenge Bitch on the second day of the Classic Candy you really are a "Classic Collie".


Halley is the clown of our kennel she just loves life.
Halley is extremely well bred she is bred from a blend of some of our very best dogs. Whilst Halley is not a huge lover of the show ring she has won two Best of Breeds out of her last few shows which was wonderful.
Halley has an execellent body & bone and carries a very heavy coat which fits her body shape to perfection. We are looking forward to breeding Halley for the first time this year and are hoping her children will have as much quality as their gorgeous Mum. Congratulations to Halley for winning Best of Breed under Collie specialist Mr Bill Ranie (ACT) and also under Working Dog Specialist and former Collie Breeder Mr J Fahey (WA).

Newsflash Halley has opted to have a life of leisure and luxury with her friends Lindsey & Kristen so she has taken up residence with them but will still attend a few dogs shows and hopefully another litter down the track. Enjoy youself Lucky Lady!!!


Our new little Kid at Arranbrae Collie's "Havana" Arranbrae Causing Havoc. This gorgeous little Lady is the only baby in her litter to say she is special to us would be an understatement. Havana is superbly bred her parents being the the highly sucessful American & Australian Champion Highcroft Ultimate Suspense and Havana's Mum is his Grand Daughter Australian Champion Burdekin Blind Date who is a full litter Sister to the current Collie National Best in Show Winner Australian Champion Burdekin Bossy Boots. Havana is a little monster to live with she is into everything but we are sure that all the Havoc she provides on a daily basis is worth while as she is also good at dishing out plenty of puppy hugs.
We are very grateful to Louise Crossman (SA) for allowing us to use her beloved Spence he certainly is a wonderful producer thanks Lou & Spence.





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